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Aram first went to Nicaragua in 2002 as U.S. Peace Corps volunteer. During his Peace Corps assignment, he formed ideas of creating a socially and environmentally sustainable business. In 2007, Aram and his father, Michael, formed the tropical forestry management company, Maderas Sostenibles, to establish tree farms on deforested land and process hurricane salvaged hardwoods. Reforestation and wood salvage evolved into furniture production when Aram met his wife, Abril Zepeda, a Nicaraguan designer and artisan from Masaya. Together they launched the furniture brand Masaya & Company.

The intention of Masaya & Co is to implement the “Seed to Seat” sustainable business model that both reforests ravaged land and offers unique and beautiful wood products from sustainably managed forests. Once restored, the devastation of clear cutting is slowly reversed and the vitality of the tropical forest is utilized to produce quality wood products and jobs.

Aram’s many business ventures also include Guayacan, a prefabricated wood home company. Throughout his work in the sustainable forestry field, Aram is creating a higher demand for forest products that are better for the climate, the local communities dependent on tropical wood, and the many animals relying on forests for habitat.

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