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Eric Henry


TS Designs manages a domestic and transparent supply chain to produce the highest quality, most sustainable t-shirts on the market. Our mission is to build a sustainable company that simultaneously looks after People, the Planet, and Profits.

With more than 40 years’ experience in the apparel industry, I’m striving to get better and better at offering consumers transparency and working hard to keep farmers in the conversation.

Outside of TS Designs, I helped launch Burlington Beer Works in 2019. It’s the first co-op brewery in North Carolina and the tenth in the US to open its doors with 2000 members.

When I’m not at TS Designs or the brewery, you’ll likely find me chatting about sustainability in the community and living it on my family’s farm.

March 22, 2022

#217 - How (& Why) to Build a Local Dirt-to-Shirt Supply Chain

In a post-pandemic world, what's the value of a dirt-to-shirt supply chain? Eric Henry, President of TS Designs, believes that no…

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