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Giancarlo Marcaccini

CEO (Yogi Tea & Choice Organics), Co-Founder/Owner (Villa Dolce)

Even as a college student and athlete, Giancarlo Marcaccini had an entrepreneurial disposition and sold t-shirts and gear during recruiting trips.

After spending many years as a professional basketball player in Europe, Giancarlo continued along his entrepreneurial path and began a gelato company with his brothers (Villa Doce). Together, they grew that gelato business into a national food service company that serves nationwide airlines and offers co-packing and manufacturing services for other food-related firms.

Over the years, Giancarlo began his yoga practice and was eventually asked by those running his yoga studio for business advice. Once they saw his flair in this area and learned about his background in the food industry, they asked him to be a part of the board of East-West Tea Company, another business venture they owned.

In 2018, Giancarlo Marcaccini was brought on board as the CEO of East-West Tea Company, which parents Yogi Tea and Choice Organics brands. Through his dedication to mindfulness practices, he has maintained the values of service that the company was founded on and has breathed new life into every aspect of the business.

Dec. 28, 2021

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June 22, 2021

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