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Gregory Landua

CEO & Co-founder

Gregory Landua is co-founder and CEO of Regen Network. Regen Network is leading the way towards tracking and funding ecological regeneration using blockchain technology.

Before founding Regen Network, Gregory co-founded and grew Terra Genesis International from a Regenerative Agriculture consultancy and design firm into a leader in the Regenerative Agriculture and Economy movement, and successfully grew and exited a craft chocolate company focused on regenerative, bean-to-bar craft chocolate called Nova Chocolate.

As an author, educator, and thought leader, Gregory co-authored the pioneering book, Regenerative Enterprise in 2012, the Levels of Regenerative Agriculture white paper in 2016, and recently the founding Regen Network white paper.

Gregory studied, invested in and created a community around regenerative applications of Blockchain Technology in early 2017, leading to the founding of Regen Network. Now, Gregory is working to link economic value to ecological regeneration. Regen Network is a blockchain driven transparency and smart contracting platform designed to facilitate the verification of ecological state and coordinate multi-stakeholder groups to achieve ecological regeneration through smart-ecological contracts.

May 10, 2022

#224 - How to Reinvent the Economics of Agriculture Using Blockchain …

Agriculture is essential in the fight against the climate crisis, not only for mankind but for the survival of the Earth. Gregory Landua and Regen Network are leading the way towards tracking and funding ecological regeneration and creating new tools …

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