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John Treadgold

Consultant, Podcast Host

I help investors and businesses identify the emerging opportunities of Sustainable Investing.

My mission is to reboot finance & economics, to better serve people and the planet.

As a communications and strategy consultant, I operate as linkage between a marketing team, and an investment team. I’m a subject-matter-expert that turns sustainability metrics (and financial jargon) into a compelling story.

Through my podcast (Good Future), my writing and my engagement with the sector, I've established myself as a specialist communicator across ESG, impact investing, social enterprise, sustainability and everything in between.

My diverse career comprises an economics degree at one end, and a Masters of International Relations and International Law at the other.

I've worked with fund managers, startups, the United Nations, the World Bank and Government departments. I have more than a decade of experience in research and communications.

July 5, 2022

#232 - The Future of Finance & Social Enterprise on the Good Future P…

Sustainable impact investing is one way for businesses to have financial gains and positively impact social and environmental iss…

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