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Shamini Dhana

Founder & CEO

Shamini is a fashion entrepreneur and the founder of sustainable fashion technology company, Dhana. Through her work, Shamini connects consumers to the clothing they wear and the true history behind it.

Prior to founding Dhana, Shamini worked for 20 years in international strategy and global operations. She strives to connect people to the clothes they wear and has launched successful campaigns that educate students and children about their environmental impact in the fashion industry.

Shamini is active in the sustainable fashion industry and serves as a board member for Climate Ride, Ethical Fashion Forum, and served as an associated producer of The Trust Cost film.

Shamini is also the CEO of D/Sphere (https://www.dsphere.network/), a creative fashion technology platform founded in 2020, for people to create, collaborate and story tell through the medium of fashion. D/Sphere empowers the consumer to be the solution to climate change by reengineering second life materials and recreating existing clothing into zero-waste fashion, thereby diverting the 70% of the $3 trillion fashion industry that would end up in the landfill.

April 26, 2022

#222 - How Can Circular Fashion Reverse Climate Change? with Shamini …

In our last episode for the Earth Month celebration, we bring back this fantastic conversation with Shamini Dhana from October 20…

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